1. Are these typical posed photo sessions?
NO ! We specialize in personalized photo shoots.  Magical moments can be drawn out of an ordinary setting by showcasing your new born sleeping, siblings playing at the park, families reuniting over dinner, nature at it's peak, your high school senior, engagements, intimate weddings and much more.  Capturing the hand prints of your ever changing life is the most important part of our business.

2. One of the main questions I receive from clients is, "Where will our session be?"
Custom Photo Shoots happen outdoors, with natural lighting, on location through out Raleigh and the triangle. There are great, fun and unique spots you can select from once your photo session is booked. 

Appointments for Senior Portrait's should be booked for the Spring time before your Senior year.

Appointments for newborn photography should be booked while you are pregnant so that our session will happen within a week of giving birth to ensure that precious newborn curl quality.
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